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Setting a New Vision for Frankfort Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites
Setting a New Vision for Frankfort Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites
What do you think about this DRAFT Strategic Plan? Check out the proposed new vision, mission, and goals...!
Setting a New Vision for Frankfort Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites
Setting a New Vision for Frankfort Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites

The planning team, together with the steering committee, have drafted new mission and vision statements, along with goals and a set of values. Once finalized, these Strategic Plan elements will guide all department actions moving forward.
We would like to hear from you! How well do these proposed new elements work for you as a Frankfort community member? What about this DRAFT Strategic Plan will help guide the department moving forward; what about it should be different?

Improving lives through unique experiences and beautiful spaces

A connected community where exceptional parks and programs enrich quality of life for all

Community Connection – Bridging our social and physical divides
Natural Resources – Utilizing & safeguarding the Kentucky River & our unique biodiversity
Exceptional Spaces – Providing remarkable sites that instill pride in our city
Healthy Living – Offering meaningful resources that inspire & promote our overall wellness
Operational Excellence – Delivering the highest quality of service to our community
Cultural Stewardship – Enriching our city’s historical legacy & creative energy


Goal 1: Connect Frankfort
Eliminate social and physical barriers through accessible spaces, welcoming events, and vibrant neighborhoods

Objective 1.1 – Trails & Wayfinding: Provide trails that clearly link destinations
Objective 1.2 – Built Environment: Responsibly provide facilities to engage and connect the community
Objective 1.3 – Events: Collaborate to provide possibilities for interaction, fun, & learning
Objective 1.4 – Neighborhood Vibrancy: Utilize parks and programs to uplift and cherish local neighborhoods

Goal 2: Support Healthy Lifestyles
Provide facilities & programs that encourage physical health & mental wellbeing

Objective 2.1 – Athletics: Provide regionally attractive sports events & facilitate locally-focused opportunities
Objective 2.2 – Active Lifestyles: Encourage exploration & growth through diverse physical activities
Objective 2.3 – Wellness: Foster social cohesion, educational opportunities, and personal health through creative, locally-sourced resources

Goal 3: Champion Frankfort’s Natural and Cultural Resources
Uphold the city’s abundant natural & cultural treasures as central to our city

Objective 3.1 – The Kentucky River: Enhance community connection to the water through responsible, conscientious development
Objective 3.2 – Stewardship: Set the standard for species protection, land management, and wildlife conservation
Objective 3.3 – History, Arts, & Culture: Help to create community vibrancy & celebrate Frankfort’s uniqueness

Goal 4: Legacy of Excellence
Cultivate pride in the Capital City by delivering signature parks, creative programs, and collaborative relationships that enhance life for all

Objective 4.1 – Staff Development & Retention: Nurture an energized workforce through access to adequate resources, training, & other opportunities
Objective 4.2 – Operations & Maintenance: Improve efficiency & fiscal sustainability by establishing clear standards of performance and recurring assessments
Objective 4.4 – Marketing & Promotion: Utilize innovative and inclusive outreach methods
Objective 4.4 – Partnerships: Prioritize relationship-building and information-sharing to effectively tackle collective goals across the community

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